at Serenity home organization

We bring order and peace to spaces that feel cluttered and stressful

Our services are designed to come alongside you as you declutter and organize your home, unpack from a move, or get your house ready to sell.

We will be your guide and support during a time that can feel overwhelming.

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When you partner with SHO:

You can expect to be valued, respected, and heard as we work together to achieve the goals you have for your home. 

You can expect us to bring decision-makers together to help them look for common ground and keep the process moving forward.

You can expect projects to be finished as agreed upon with excellence.

I'm so glad you're here!

Environments that feel peaceful are where I thrive. I enjoy putting each item in its home and restoring a room, a closet, a drawer to a place of organized beauty. Life is calmer when we can exist in places that feel peaceful and spacious. At Serenity Home, we want to bring this feeling of peace and beauty to you and your home.

we live by these values